Gallery Opening

We open our Gallery with a symbolic photography exhibition A Short Time Ago︎︎︎ inviting the Tashkent community and our guests to rethink or revisit and share our feelings and thoughts on the socioeconomic and cultural transformations our city is going through at this very moment. 

139 Documentary center is Tashkent-based and organized by Uzbekistan artists, activists and researchers for local and regional civil society, public sector, entrepreneurs and grassroots in Central Asia and its larger neighborhood.

Our Gallery is at the heart of our documentary center. Its mission is to provide professional photography and art management, curator and technical support and is committed to promote documentary photography and arts as a multiplicity of philosophies, disciplines, media, outlets, and tools. Our team is dedicated to facilitate access to resources and opportunities for documentary photography and arts to happen and be self-sustainable in Central Asia.

Although new as a space, 139 Documentary center is a self-organized space for various artistic, activist, and academic communities, groups, and projects that have always been active and meaningfully engaged in re/shaping, challenging, reforming, and developing social, cultural, and economic situation of Uzbekistan. 139 Documentary Center is founded out of intergenerational dialogue and interdisciplinary engagement. It builds its ideas and practices with integrity on intellectual, cultural, historical continuity around the causes of social justice, democratic development, human rights, freedom of media and artistic expression. 139 Documentary Center’s presence is a result of our community’s trust and solidarity and a tribute to the grassroots-driven documentary arts work of Umida Akhmedova and Oleg Karpov, including in the larger public life of Tashkent and regional civil society.

Our center’s work will build our vision and practice on the contributions and achievements that our artists, activists, scholars and entrepreneurs have been continuously making for sustainable development and its underpinning vibrant cultural and social environment in the country and the wider region for over four decades. We are grateful for the support of civil society groups, social enterprises, scientific and art communities in Uzbekistan.