139 Documentary Center is a Tashkent-based public space organized by artists, activists, and researchers engaged in local and regional civil society, public sector, entrepreneur, grassroots, artistic and scientific communities in Central Asia and its larger neighbor.

Our gallery is at the heart of 139 Documentary Center. Its mission is to provide professional photography and art management, curatorial direction, and technical support. Our team is dedicated to broadening access to resources and opportunities for documentary photography and arts to be self-sustainable in Central Asia. We embrace and celebrate a multiplicity of philosophies, disciplines, media, outlets, and tools in making documentary photography happen.  

Our center is a public engagement platform. We want to encourage and host conversations and discussions around social and cultural issues that we and our communities are affected by and care about. Involving experts from near and far, we organize regular thematic roundtables, panel discussions, talks, lectures, seminars, workshops, and film screenings.